How we teach

We are an art school, not a technology school!

Our program is called „The Magnificent Seven” and includes: Directing, Cinematography, Screenwriting, Production, Art and Film History, Post-production and what we call „Career Paths.”

During the first year of studies, students perform a series of short workshop exercises on a given topic. By assessing and analysing their own film exercises, together with the professors, they discover how their own film story can become more complete thanks to light, colour, camera movement, frame composition, etc. The program is prepared in such a way that students develop and verify the acquired skills on an ongoing basis.

We include the next levels of knowledge about the art of film, so that at the end you can become a true „Universal Filmmaker”.

We will take care of your career

If you make a great movie, we’ll show it at film festivals around the world.
We know how to do it. Our students win festivals every year.
We were most awarded film school in the world in 2021!

Standard weeks look like this:

  • You will get access to 6 video lessons or 4 lessons and one movie – in total about 270 min of educational materials
  • You need to send your homework from week before
  • You can expect to get feedback and evaluation of your homework
  • If needed, you can reach lecturers via Microsoft Teams for online consultations

Each semester covers:

  • 15 weeks of learning
  • 2 weeks for improving homework that has not been completed or carrying out work that has not been completed so far
  • 2 weeks of examination session


  • Winter semester starts at 1st of October and ends at mid of February
  • One week of break
  • Summer semester begins at end of February and finishes at beginning of July


  • 2 weeks for Christmas (Roman Catholics starting at 25th of December, learn more about this holiday and Gregorian New Year.
  • 1 week for Easter. Learn more about this holiday.
  • 1 week during Polish Labor Day (1st of May) and celebration of to pass on 3rd May 1791 first constitution of its kind in Europe – The Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth Constitution. Learn more about this.