The lectures in Introduction to Film Directing delivered by Jarek Kupść cover the essence of a Film Director’s job. We begin with a detailed description of director’s involvement in all stages of making a film: preproduction, production, and postproduction. While a director doesn’t have to be an expert in writing, cinematography, and editing, she or he must possess sufficient knowledge in those areas, as well as in other departments such as set design, costumes, and sound. The broader the understanding of the filmmaking process, the more well-rounded and competent the director becomes.

Next, we introduce the student to basic Film Language: types of shots, camera angles, and movement. Choosing the right image to convey a desired emotion or present a specific action is essential for the audience to remain engaged in the story.

The work on every film starts with the script, therefore it is imperative for the director to understand the structure of storytelling. The universal Three-Act Structure will be explained in detail, with focus on the dramatic function of each of the screenplay’s parts. Students will learn how to introduce the hero and state his or her goal, how to build a story arc full of obstacles and conflicts, and how to resolve the plot in a dramatically satisfying manner.

Every film needs a hero. We will discuss how to create a compelling, believable protagonist, whose journey will explore the main theme of your film.

Each lecture will be supported by a thorough analysis of numerous clips from classic films.